Own the Planet.

Civitia is a decentralized game that allows users to collaborate and interact within a unique social and financial layer leveraging Initia's modular blockchain and Celestia's modular data availability network.

Civitia comes from Civitas (latin: a body of people constituting a politically organized community) and its lore is based on the idea that planet earth has suffered a nuclear attack and civilization is destroyed. Players need to rebuild it by collaborating both socially and financially within communities while seeking their best individual possible outcome.

Civitia inherits both capitalism (free market, supply/demand pricing) and socialism (wealth tax, rent regulation) mechanics simulating a real-world environment of the modern era.

Civitia mechanics and rules have similarities to a Monopoly game despite Civitia being a continuous and global application where all users play the same, global and real-time game.

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