🎮Special squares

Civitia special squares contain specific mechanics around financial, social and gaming features.

Bunker square

Bunkers are similar to normal cities but they only have one owner.

When landing on a bunker, any user is able to mint a unit. When minting it, the previous owner unit is auto-burned at the same price.

Minting price of bunkers increments with the total number of mints.

Bunker rents work like normal cities but in this case the owner earns 100% of the rents.

Bunkers have health and can be destroyed collectively using Tax Points. Last owner's unit is destroyed and its INIT is lost. Once destroyed, price of the bunker is restored to its initial price.

Bunker units can't be manually burned by their owners.

// Example of how bunkers work
1) User A lands and mints 1st unit of bunker for 0.1 INIT + 5% fee
2) User A earns 100% of rents
3) User B lands and mints 2nd unit of bunker for 0.2 INIT + 5% fee
4) User A unit is auto-burned and perceives 0.1 INIT - 5% fee
5) User B now earns 100% of the rents
6) Other users attack the bunker and destroy it. Price is restored to 0.1 INIT.

Bunkers have two type of inherent social features:

  • The owner's Initia address is shown so everybody can know who currently owns it. Once social integration is finished, owners will also be able to link their Twitter account with it.

  • Bunker owners are able to collect all rents from other users until they coordinate enough to destroy it and restore its initial price.

Bunkers are permanent in the Civitia board. See the table below to find the active bunkers:

BunkerMinting initial priceMinting/Burning priceRent cost*


0.1 INIT

INIT = 0.1n + 0.1

0.01 INIT * User multiplier


0.5 INIT

INIT = 0.5n + 0.5

0.05 INIT * User multiplier

Where n = amount of units minted

Temporal cities

Temporal cities have the same exact mechanics as normal cities.

However, they disappear from the board after the countdown has finished.

Any unit not burned before the countdown is lost and its owner can not redeem the INIT back.

Tax Authority square

When landing on a Tax Authority square, users are required to File Taxes if they hold ≥ 1 TP.

When filing taxes, users can earn X2 their current Tax Points or lose them all.

Users have the ability to use their Tax Points instead of filing for taxes.

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