Important concepts and actions inside Civitia


Civitia's board is divided in 18 cities grouped in 6 different zones. Each city has different properties: rent prices and pricing curves.


A unit is an instance of a city. They can be minted and burned indefinitely. A city's unit can only be minted when landing on its box but can be burned at any time. Holding a unit grants the owner a share of all payment rents being paid in that city.

Playing & Paying Rents

Playing Civitia requires the user to hold INIT. When visiting a city, users are required to pay rent in INIT to move according to its type of user. Once the user throws the dice and moves out from a city, the rent payment is subtracted in INIT.

Minting & Burning units

When landing on a city, the user is granted the ability to mint a unit with INIT. Units can be burned in exchange for INIT at any time, based on their current price. Minting and burning pricing follows a linear bonding curve. This way, users have access to instant liquidity for their units.

Rent distribution

Each time a rent is paid it is divided amongst all the holders of the city. Distribution of rents depends on the units of each city every user has and the amount of zones they control.

Tax Points

Users earn Tax Points for each action they do (minting/burning units and paying rents). Tax Points can be contributed to cities. Once contributed, Tax Points can't be redeemed back.

City radiation

Users can contribute Tax Points to the cities they hold units in order to increase its rent. This action is also known as rebuilding a city. Users can also contribute Tax points to decrease the rents of cities they do not hold in order to reduce their rents. This action is also known as sabotaging a city. The amount of Tax Points a city has at any given time is measured by its Radiation. Cities start the game at maximum levels of Radiation 5/5. Once a city has reached a certain total Tax Points its levels of Radiation will decrease and rents will increase.

Civitia Gold

All users are given Civitia Gold (GOLD) for their Tax Points used to re-build or sabotage a city.

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