Overview of currencies and tokens used Civitia

Civitia is powered by Initiaโ€™s token INIT in order to make the game economy fully circular with in-game sinks and Initiaโ€™s native inflation.

On top of that, Civitia will have two additional non-tradable in-game currencies: Tax Points and GOLD.



Initia native token

Required to play and perform basic actions:

  • Playing and paying rents

  • Minting city units

All rent payments are also distributed to users in INIT.

Tax Points

Utility game currency

Tax points can be earned and spent but are not transferable and therefore have no utility outside Civitia (they cannot be exchanged).

Civitia GOLD

Soulbound token

GOLD is non-transferrable and has no game utility. It is a metric to show how much a user has contributed to Civitia.

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