🏙️Cities and zones

Cities minting and burning pricing follow a linear bonding curve.

The specific pricing formula depends on its zone and he amount of units already minted.

CitiesMinting initial priceMinting/Burning priceRent cost*Zone color

Baghdad Caracas San Francisco

0.1 INIT

INIT = 0.001n + 0.1

0.01 INIT * User multiplier


Pyongyang Karachi Jakarta

0.25 INIT

INIT = 0.0015n + 0.25

0.02 INIT * User multiplier


Rome Buenos Aires Istanbul

0.5 INIT

INIT = 0.004n + 0.5

0.05 INIT * User multiplier


Barcelona Paris London

0.5 INIT

INIT = 0.004n + 0.5

0.05 INIT * User multiplier

Light Green

Seoul Zurich New York


INIT = 0.008n + 1

0.1 INIT * User multiplier


Dubai Singapore Tokyo


INIT = 0.03n + 2

0.2 INIT * User multiplier


Where n = amount of units in circulation

*Formula assumes base rent cost (with Radiation at 5/5). Cities with more Tax Points and better Radiation levels will have higher base rents.

Minting and burning

As explained above, the circulating supply of each city is used for the minting and burning pricing.

If Seoul has a 10 supply, the following will be applied:

  • If a new user mints a unit of Seoul -> Minting price = (0.008*10) + 1 = 1.08 INIT

  • If a holder of Seoul burns a unit -> Burning price = (0.008*9) + 1 = 1.072 INIT

Protocol fee

A 5% protocol fee is applied when minting and burning units (in INIT).

This protocol fee is sent to the Game Treasury address and its proceedings will be used towards game development and maintenance of the Civitia ecosystem.

Zone multipliers

When a user mints and holds all three cities (3/3) of a given zone a x2 stake multiplier is applied to their rent earnings from all the cities in that zone.

A detailed explanation can be found in Rent distribution.

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