🏗️Tax Points

Tax Points are earned linearly by using INIT.

1 Tax Point = 1 INIT spent/received/used in any of these 3 actions:

  • Minting a unit

  • Burning a unit

  • Paying rent

Additionally, users earn 1 Tax Point each time they pass by the initial square.

Contributing Tax Points to rebuild or sabotage cities

Tax Points can be used by holders of a city to collaboratively increase its base rent. Tax Points can also be used by users to decrease a city base rent.

Cities rent takes into account its base rent and the amount of Tax Points it has at any given moment (also called City Radiation).

Using Tax Points to decrease City Radiation is also known as rebuilding to a city.

Using Tax Points to increase City Radiation is also known as sabotaging a city.

Tax Points make Civitia a collaborative game in which cities with more aligned holders will contribute more and consequently drive their city rents higher while also sabotaging other cities to decrease their rents.

Instead, cities with greedy and misaligned holders will remain the same and won't be able to increase their rents although having better initial properties while also being attacked by holders from other cities.

Once used, Tax Points can't be redeemed back. The decision of using Tax Points for a certain city is important and therefore introduces a social coordination mechanism within city holders.

Users earn Civitia Gold when using Tax Points to rebuild or sabotage a city.

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